Outpatient Dictation Instructions

UNC Health Care System Outpatient Dictation Instructions

Access: Within UNC Health Care System: 3-4000
Outside UNC Health Care System: 919-843-4000
Backup Number: 781-453-2120
1. Enter the first 5 digits of your provider number
(Without the check digit) followed by # sign.
2. Enter the document type (see below) followed by # sign.
3. Enter the patient medical record number (without the check digit) followed by the # sign.
4. Begin dictating after the tone

- MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER (without the check digit)

Burn Document Types:
378201 Attending New Patient Visit
378202 Attending Established Patient Visit
378901 Resident New Patient Visit
378902 Resident Established Patient Visit
378203 Teaching Physician Summary
378246 Attending Consult
378946 Resident Consult
Cardiothoracic Document Types:
379201 Attending New Patient Visit
379202 Attending Established Patient Visit
379901 Resident New Patient Visit
379902 Resident Established Patient Visit
379203 Teaching Physician Summary
GI Surgery Document Types:
391201 Attending New Patient Visit
391202 Attending Established Patient Visit
391901 Resident New Patient Visit
391902 Resident Established Patient Visit
391203 Teaching Physician Summary
391246 Attending Consult
391946 Resident Consult
Pediatric Burn Document Types:
250201 Attending New Patient Visit
250202 Attending Established Patient Visit
250901 Resident New Patient Visit
250902 Resident Established Patient Visit
Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Document Types:
374201 Attending New Patient Visit
374202 Attending Established Patient Visits
374901 Resident New Patient Visit
374902 Resident Established Patient Visit
374203 Teaching Physician Summary
374246 Attending Consult
374946 Resident Consult
Surgical Oncology Document Types:
506201 Attending New Patient Visit
506202 Attending Established Patient Visits
506901 Resident New Patient Visit
506902 Resident Established Patient Visit
506203 Teaching Physician Summary
506801 Nurse Practitioner New Patient Visit
506802 Nurse Practitioner Established Patient Visit
Transplant Surgery Document Types:
394201 Attending New Patient Visit
394202 Attending Established Patient Visits
394901 Resident New Patient Visit
394902 Resident Established Patient Visit
394203 Teaching Physician Summary
Trauma/Critical Care Document Types:
395201 Attending New Patient Visit
395202 Attending Established Patient Visits
395901 Resident New Patient Visit
395902 Resident Established Patient Visit
395203 Teaching Physician Summary
Urology Document Types:
262201 Attending New Patient Visit
262202 Attending Established Patient Visits
262901 Resident New Patient Visit
262902 Resident Established Patient Visit
262203 Teaching Physician Summary
Urophysiology Document Types:
507387 Urodynamic Follow up
507385 Cystoscopy
Vascular Surgery Document Types:
377201 Attending New Patient Visit
377202 Attending Established Patient Visits
377901 Resident New Patient Visit
377902 Resident Established Patient Visit
377203 Teaching Physician Summary
Wound Document Types:
508201 New Patient Visit
508208 Established Patient Visit