Dragon Tips

Dragon JPEG


When Dragon makes a mistake it is important to correct the mistake using dragon. 

  • To do this:
    • Say Select ____ (Whatever word dragon made the mistake on)
    • You will get a menu that pops up.
      •  If the correct word is one of the options, say “Choose __” (Whatever number is the correct word)
      • If the correct word is not on the list say “Spell that” and you will get another pop up box.  Type the correct word into the box and say “Choose 1”


When you decide to change what you said, you are able to select a word or sentence and delete it or replace it.

  • To do this:
    • Say Select ____ (Whatever word you want to change)
    • If you want to change or delete a whole phrase, say “Select ____(First word of phrase) Through _____(Last word of phrase). This will highlight the whole phrase
    • If you want to delete the highlighted text, say “delete”
    • If you want to replace the highlighted text you can just start dictating and it will replace the highlighted text with your new dictations.


Adding a word to Dragon’s vocabulary

  • To do this:
    • Click on “Vocabulary”
    • Click on “Open vocabulary editor”
    • In the pop-up there are two fields, one that says “Written form” and one that says “Spoken form.”  If the written form and the spoken form are the same, type the word into the “Written form” box. 
      • If the spoken form of the word is different than the written form, write the written form in the “written form” box and the spoken form in the “Spoken form” box.  E.g. “Preston Rich” could be the written form and “Chip” could be the spoken form.  This means that whenever you say “Chip” into dragon, it will type out “Preston Rich”
  • Then click “Add”
  • Then click “train” – it is best to train the word 2 times
    • If the written and spoken form of the word are different, you will train the spoken form


(Picture from http://www.topobgynapps.com/dragon-dictation/)