Fixed Track

For the PDF version of the School of Medicine Guidelines for Appointment, Reappointment, and Promotion of Faculty, please click here.

Decisions regarding promotion of clinical track faculty are not tied to employment of clinical track faculty.


Clinical Care - extensive clinical responsibility plus:

  1. Excellent outcomes in clinical care
    • Documentation of clinical care results
    • Quality assurance
  2. Peer-review clinical skills
  3. Innovation in clinical care
    • Development of operation, technique, or equipment
  4. Scholarship in clinical care
    • Publication in journals- reports of series, case reports
  5. Excellence in teaching clinical care
    • Teaching awards
  6. Excellent local reputation
    • Referral based practice
  7. Obtaining funding for clinical program
  8. Development of clinical program
    • New clinic program or development of multidisciplinary care team
  9. Invited presentations
  10. Involvement clinical meetings
    • Presentations, Committee member

Teaching - documentation of extensive teaching responsibility plus

  1. Superior effectiveness as teacher
    • Teaching awards
  2. Innovation as teacher
    • New (to surgical education) method of instruction
  3. Scholarship in teaching
    • Publications
    • Development of educational syllabus
    • Website
  4. External grant for innovative teaching
  5. Leadership role in developing teaching programs
  6. Excellent local reputation as teacher
    • Teaching awards
  7. Evidence of achievements of learners
    • Documentation of trainees in teaching portfolio

Research Fixed Term - documentation of substantial research responsibility plus

  1. Scholarly productivity as co-author or development and publishing techniques
    • Author or co-author on papers
  2. Successful operation of core facility
    • Surveys documenting assistance to learner
  3. External funding
  4. Key role in facilitating research activity
    • Research trainee evaluation of role as facilitator
  5. Local reputation
  6. Major role in regional activities
    • Meetings, symposia

Administration - documentation of substantial administrative role plus:

  1. Evidence of program development
  2. Recognition by peers and learners
  3. Scholarly contributions to administrative discipline
  4. Presentation outside institution about administration
  5. Publication about administrative activities

Community Professional Service - documentation of extensive indigent patient care, local charities, peer review journals, plus

  1. Evidence that CPS makes contribution to the health of community
  2. External funding
    • Document effect on community
  3. Invited presentations
  4. Regional or national committee work
  5. Scholarship related to CPS
    • Publishing results of intervention