Does my academic portfolio document tenure eligibility? What should I emphasize?

Review criteria may include:

  1. Achievement of professional recognition acknowledged on the basis of clinical care, research, or teaching considered to be of high quality among peers nationally in your field of specialization.
  2. Proven experience serving as principal investigator on funded national research grants. It is recognized that competition for grants is very stiff. It is also recognized that those who start early and persist eventually do win a grant. The size of the grant is not as important for scholarship assessment as the fact that the grant has been awarded in peer competition.
  3. Publication of a significant number of high quality publications in refereed journals. These will be reviewed based on the scientific or scholarly soundness of the work, its impact on the field, and the evidence of independent thought and action.
  4. Appointment or elected leadership in regional and national societies, specialty governing boards, or editorial boards.
  5. Demonstrated teaching effectiveness stemming from significant teaching responsibilities to medical students, residents, and postdoctoral trainees.
  6. Citizenship to the School and University through evidence of service such as involvement in task forces, committees, administrative leadership positions that span departmental boundaries.