I'm hired. What do I do first?

  1. Develop an area of personal scholarship.
    1. Identify one or more mentors; look for someone:
      • Who your tenured surgeon colleagues recommend and work with collaboratively in research and teaching projects. You are not limited to your Division, the Department of Surgery, surgeons, or to UNC.
      • Who can and will provide expertise and introductions in your chosen field of scholarship. As your career evolves, the characteristics and contacts you require from a mentor will evolve. Be open to having more than one mentor at a time, and different mentors as your career progresses.
      • Whom you can count on for honest, articulate, and thorough assessments of your progress and your performance related to your career goals and scholarship interests. Someone from whom you can accept constructive criticism. Someone you trust.
    2. Define your career objectives
    3. Develop productive and mutually beneficial collaborative relationships
    4. Focus on one or a few areas of particular interest.
  2. Develop self-management skills.
    1. Develop a mechanism for periodic, systematic assessment of your progress toward tenure. Understand the steps that are involved in your academic career and provide yourself with a timeline for your own professional development. Share this career development plan with your Chief and your mentor(s). Be as objective as possible.
    2. Develop skills in managing your time and protecting time for your own intellectual development and pursuits.
    3. Enhance your ability to effectively navigate the academic environment by refining your negotiation and conflict resolution skills.
    4. Take time to develop and to re-visit your long- and short-term professional and personal goals.
  3. Be a good citizen.
  4. At all levels of rank and in both promotional tracks, there is an ongoing requirement for faculty to be actively engaged in teaching and to present and support in a positive manner the programs and policies of the Department, School, and University to the profession, community, and state. Professionalism in demeanor and behavior is expected at all times.
  5. Understand promotion requirements in time to meet them.
    Review the information in this website and materials regarding promotion. Ask any questions necessary to develop a self-actualized plan for career progression.