I'm reappointed! Now what?

  1. Publish your work (first or senior authorship).
  2. Obtain external funding to support your scholarship when possible.
  3. Demonstrate a clear capacity for scientific productivity and for original and independent research.
  4. Present your work and make contributions to the field in national forums.
  5. Mentor students, residents, fellows, and junior faculty in a productive and collaborative manner. Demonstrate a strong interest in and capacity for teaching.
  6. Document your educational philosophy and quantify teaching activities.
  7. Document peer-reviewed awards, honors, and other indications that your scholarship is recognized nationally.
  8. Serve on national committees and study sections/review groups.
  9. Assume leadership roles in the Department, School, or nationally in your field of scholarship.
  10. Maintain network of colleagues for scholarly and collaborative interactions.
  11. Demonstrate commitment to excellent patient care with evidence of a high level of clinical competence.
  12. Instill “great expectations.”
  13. Know when your academic portfolio is due and what it needs to include. Keep chipping away at it as your career evolves.
  14. Meet regularly with your Chief, Chair, and mentor(s) about your career development.