I'm a new Tenure-Track Assistant Professor. What's crucial?

  1. Clearly define and update annually with your Chief and Department Chair:
    1. Their expectations regarding your recovery through clinical receipts of salary and office expenses. Be sure all three of you have the same understanding.
    2. The approximate percentage of your salary that you must earn yourself through non-clinical sources (funded research, contracts) to expect what definition of "protected time" for scholarship. How will this change after the first three years in rank?
    3. Resources that the Division and Department are prepared to provide you for your clinical, research, teaching, and administrative activities.
    4. Their vision as to your career development path.
  2. Delve into your scholarship interest. If your scholarship is to be a clinician educator, establish an independent area of expertise in teaching or curriculum development. Document education as your area by publication in peer-reviewed journals and contributions to related professional societies.
  3. Present your work within the institution as well as at national meetings. Speak with your mentors about which meetings to submit your work, and about other forums for presentation.
  4. Develop a national network within your field and lay the groundwork for building a national reputation for your scholarship. Seek and welcome advice of mentor(s), Chief, and Chair in this regard.
  5. Consistently, week by week, capture and archive items for eventual academic portfolio. It is a document to gradually build, not one to try to piece together retroactively. This document will represent “you” in tenure eligibility reviews. Don’t underestimate its importance.
  6. Keep your CV updated.