How do I recognize "scholarship" in my work? What criteria should I use?

  1. Does the work demonstrate independent thought, originality, and/or innovation?
  2. Can and has the work been favorably reviewed by professional peers?
  3. Can and has the work been published, exhibited, circulated, publicized, and/or put to use by other institutions?
  4. Has the work been recognized by others?
  5. Has recognition been received from this work from peer groups as evidenced by election to important offices, appointments to consultative committees, external commitment of support funds, and/or prestigious professional awards?
  6. Has peer recognition for the work resulted in requests for further contributing to textbooks or other educational media of merit?
  7. Does the work show promise of continuing scholarly contributions?
  8. Has the work benefited the Department, the School of Medicine, the University, North Carolina, the national and international communities?