1. To develop a mentorship program for junior and mid-level faculty that involves identifying mentors within the Department of Surgery and elsewhere in the University and country (within an individual’s discipline).
  2. To provide a regular and effective means of monitoring individual career plans with encouragement, suggestions, and facilitation towards successful outcomes. This process may take different forms and involve different combinations of mentors as the faculty member’s career progresses.
  3. To help faculty think-through, establish, and revise over time their own individual goals for career success, including facilitating opportunities for focused specialty practice.
  4. To outline participatory expectations of junior and mid-level faculty, their chiefs, and their mentors.
  5. To provide junior and mid-level faculty as well as residents and medical students visible and interactive role models of what academic surgery “success” looks like in the tenure- and clinical tracks.
  6. To effectively and efficiently develop and maintain a departmental web site to serve as an up-to-date informational resource regarding career development that is deemed valuable by mentors and mentorees alike.
  7. To make all faculty aware of mentoring and its value.
  8. To provide senior faculty with mentoring resources
  9. To conduct organized orientation programs for incoming faculty related to reappointment/promotion/tenure/clinical track and to career development in its broader sense.