Teaching Portfolio Guidelines

Basic Components

  1. Reflective Statement
    • Should be 1-3 pages in length
    • Should include your philosophy of education, style, and approach
    • Highlight preferred teaching venues
    • Provide insight of your teaching goals
    • A method of self-assessment and measures to improve quality
  2. Chronology of Teaching Activities
    • Chronological list of courses taught by year
      • Provide brief description of course content
      • Time commitment
      • Number of students in course
    • Mentor of students in lab or special projects
    • Activities on educational or dissertation committees
    • Highlight course syllabi, videos, tapes, or other creative teaching material
  3. Peer Evaluations
    • Numeric scoring evaluations with comments from peers
    • Letters from colleagues who have observed directly your teaching skills
      • Course Directors
      • Collaborators
      • Mentors
  4. Learner Evaluations
    • Numerical summary of teaching effectiveness (student evaluations collected and summarized by Department)
    • Should be chronological with goal to demonstrate improvement over time
    • Provide comparison with other faculty members in Department
    • May include written comments
    • Written letters from graduate students, former residents, and fellows
  5. Teaching Portfolio Letters
    • Draft of letter that goes to extramural physician requesting letter
      • Should request 6-8 outside letters from individuals in leadership positions
    • Format for letter from Division Chief recommending faculty for reappointment
      • Goes to Department Chair
    • Format for letter from Division Chief recommending faculty for promotion
      • Goes to Department Chair
  6. Standardized Curriculum Vita Format - see UNC School of Medicine Policies
  7. Do NOT Include
    • Individual evaluation records
    • Patient testimonials
    • Thank you letters for presentations
    • PowerPoint or videos
    • Copies of awards, credentials, certificates- should be in CV
    • E-mail comments
    • Conference fliers that show you as speaker
    • Newspaper or other periodicals that discuss your work
    • More than 30 pages

The entire teaching portfolio should be 20-30 pages- a bigger document is not better. Information in teaching portfolio should not be redundant with curriculum vita.