GI Surgery Separates into Two Sections

The Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery is pleased to announce that the division will be split into two Sections. Dr. Koruda will remain the Chief of the Division and head the Section of General GI Surgery. This section will include Dr. Timothy Sadiq, Dr. Christopher Rupp and their support staff.

Dr. Timothy Farrell will head the new section of Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).  This section will include Dr. Wayne Overby, Dr. Hartwig Bunzendahl and their appropriate support staff.  Dr. Farrell will continue to be the Director of the Bariatric Surgery Program as well as the Advanced Laparoscopy and GI Surgery Fellowship.  Tim will also serve as the Physician Service Leader (Inpatient Medical Director) for the GI Surgery Division.

Please welcome Dr. Farrell into these new roles for the Division and Healthcare System.