Dr. Sheldon Presenting at Conferences in Washington

March 03, 2010 -- On Saturday March 6th, the Health Policy and Advocacy Group will be hosting a conference, lead by Dr. Michael Johns, Chancellor at Emory University, in Washington D.C. to discuss health care reform. Dr. George Sheldon will present at the conference on behalf of the Health Sciences Advisory of the American College of Surgeons. His presentation, Comparison of Workforce Provisions in the House and Senate Health Reform Bill, will concentrate on the workforce shortage for surgeons.

Dr. Sheldon Presenting at Conferences in Washington click to enlarge Dr. George Sheldon, MD

Dr. Sheldon will travel back to Washington D.C. for another presentation on March 8th. On Monday, Dr. Sheldon will be presenting at a conference hosted by the Institution of Medicine and lead by Dr. Andrew Warshaw, Chief of Surgery at Harvard University. The conference focus will be on "Best Practices Innovation Collaboration."