Making an Appointment


UNC Plastic Surgery is a referral-based clinic.  However, no referrals are needed for aesthetic surgery.


All return patient appointments at the ACC are scheduled through the clinic at (919) 966-6462.

To cancel or reschedule an adult new patient at the ACC, call (919) 966-6462.

To cancel or reschedule an adult return patient at the ACC, call (919) 966-6461.

All new Aesthetic or Burn patients at the BRAC (Burn Reconstruction and Aesthetic Center) with Dr Hultman can be scheduled at (919) 843-3734.

Return patients for the BRAC can be scheduled at the BRAC at (919) 843-3734.
The BRAC fax number is (919) 957-6906.

Hand-Related Appointments:

New Hand appointments -
please fax referral to 919-966-3814 and a scheduler will contact the patient to arrange an appointment.

Return Hand appointments - call the Plastic Surgery Clinic at (919) 966-6462

Hand Therapy appointments
- call the PT/OT Department at (919) 966-6481

Pediatric Plastic Surgery

All pediatric new patient appointments are scheduled through the Pediatric Clinic at (919) 966-1401.  All Pediatric patient referrals must be faxed to Layla Portier, Administrative Assistant to Dr. John van Aalst, at (919) 966-3814. All pediatric referrals must include a verbal referral made with the Pediatric Clinic at (910) 966-1401.

To cancel or reschedule a pediatric patient appointment, call (919) 966-1401.

Please have the following information ready when making a new or return patient appointment:

  • Name and address of the referring physician
  • Correct spelling of patient's full and legal name
  • Patient’s date of birth
  • Social security number and insurance information including the name of the insurance carrier, name of the policy holder (subscriber name), and the policy number
Patients need to bring to each appointment:
  • UNC Patient identification number if it has been issued
  • List of all medications
  • All insurance information

The UNC Plastic Surgery Clinic accepts most insurance carriers. Patients without insurance should contact a Financial Counselor for information regarding payment.  When the initial appointment is made they will be given the Financial Counselor's name and telephone number. Payment plans are available and can be discussed with the Financial Counselor at the time of visit.

Click here for a UNC Release of Medical Information form.

Click here for a UNC New Patient Referral form.

Click here for a BRAC referral form for Burn and Aesthetic patients.