Hepatobiliary and Liver Cancer Overview

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has been a regional and national leader in liver cancer care. The GI oncology program at UNC Hospitals is one of the oldest and largest referral centers in the state.

Our multidisciplinary program includes clinicians from medical oncology, surgery, hepatology, radiology, and radiation oncology. This diverse and committed group of healthcare providers has been instrumental in providing personalized, state-of-the-art care to our patients.

Members of the Liver Cancer Program include:

Bert O’Neil, MD, Oncologist
David Gerber, MD, Transplant Surgeon
Tomasz Kozlowski, MD, Transplant Surgeon
Alex Toledo, MD, Transplant Surgeon
Skip Hayashi, MD, MPH Medical Director, Liver Transplant Program, Hepatologist
Michael Fried, M.D., Director of Clinical Hepatology
Sidney Barritt, MD, MPH Transplant Hepatologist
Jama Darling, MD, Transplant Hepatologist
Steven Zacks, MD, MPH Transplant Hepatologist
Charles Burke, MD, Radiologist
Bob Dixon, MD, Radiologist
Matt Mauro, MD, Radiologist
Richard Semelka, MD, Radiologist
Joe Stavas, MD, Radiologist
Joel Tepper, MD, Radiation Oncologist

All UNC patients have access to extensive support services including nutritional, pharmaceutical, and financial services. Local accommodations for our patients and their families have been a focus for our programs. These accommodations include hotels and SECU Family House of UNC Hospital. For information about insurance coverage, please click here.