IORT Travels

Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) or Intraoperative Electronc Radiation Therapy (IOERT) is a highly specialized treatment procedure used in the OR 


to deliver radiation therapy through a surgical incision to the tissue region from which a malignant tumor has been removed.  This technique enables the application of a concentrated dose of radiation to a precise target area, minimizing the irradiation of the adjacent, healthy tissues and organs.  IORT shows great promise in decreasing tumor recurrences and improving survival rate. More on the IORT at UNC

Cancer Hospitals in China and South America have sought UNC's assistance in establishing their own IORT programs.  With generous funding from the  IntraOp Medical Corporation, Dr. Benjamin Calvo and several of his Surgical Oncology colleagues have made the following trips:

Shanghai, China (10/12 through 10/15/09): Dr. Calvo made several presentations about IORT at the Cancer Hospital of Fudan University Medical School and the Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine Ruijin Hospital.

Bogota, Columbia (8/3 through 8/4/09): Appearing at the National Institute of Cancer Bogota, Dr. Calvo presented “Use of intra operative electron radiation therapy (IOERT) in the treatment of advanced and recurrent rectal cancer.”

La Paz, Bolivia (7/13/09): As the “San Pablo Visiting Professor,” Dr. Calvo made two presentations at the Catholic University of Bolivia.

Beijing, China (10/11 through 10/18/08): Drs. Calvo, Hong Jin Kim, and Jen Jen Yeh were invited by the Peoples Liberation Army Hospital and the Cancer Institute Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing to share their expertise on IORT for the treatment of recurrent rectal, pancreatic, breast and retroperitoneal sarcomas. During their visit, they made several presentations and met with health care providers from the Peoples Liberation Army Hospital.

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