Golightly and Duncan accepted into KL2 Program

Yvonne Golightly, PhD, PT has been accepted into the Interdisciplinary Clinical Research Career Development (KL2) Program at the North Carolina Translational & Clinical Sciences Institute (NC TraCS). Dr. Golightly's project is titled "Defining and Correcting Leg Length Inequalityin Adults with Knee or Hip Osteoarthritis or Symptom."

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Elisabeth Duncan, MD, PhD has also been accepted into the KL2 Program. The title of her project is "The effect of smoke on chronic bronchitis and airway immunity."

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The KL2 Program is designed to support the early career development of clinical researchers who will be expected to achieve excellence in their ability to design and oversee research in multidisciplinary team settings and to become leaders in various fields of clinical research. Along with funding for salary and research expenses, the program provides mentoring and a series of coursework designed to aid in understanding the methodological and analytical concepts necessary to design rigorous clinical research.

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