Smith speaks at Heels in Motion breakfast

On the fourth Wednesday of the month, UNC Health Care sponsors a guest speaker as part of the Heels in Motion program at the Streets of Southpoint in Durham. This month, Michael Smith, MD, from the Thurston Arthritis Research Center spoke about osteoarthritis, its diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Smith, second year fellow in Rheumatology, explained what are the early symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA), who is likely to get OA, how doctors diagnose OA, how doctors treat OA and most importantly, what individuals can do to slow progression of the disease, and improve their ability continue to function in their day-o-day lives. Dr. Smith pointed out to the audience, that by the fact that they were part of a walking program, they were already getting exercise and strengthening their muscles, which is important in OA.

Heels in Motion is a mall-walking program sponsored by UNC Health Care and The Streets of Southpoint starting at 8:00am Monday through Saturday and 10:00am on Sunday. Membership is free. Registration forms can picked up at Southpoint's Welcome Center.

Panera Bread provides a complimentary breakfast that is served on the upper level in the food Court beginning at 8:00am for the monthly speakers.

Next month, April 25th, the breakfast speaker will be Dr. Edwin Kim, a physician from UNC Allergy and Immunology Clinic.

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Michael Smith, MD


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