Walk With Ease video in production

In June, Yvonne Golightly, PT, PhD, traveled to Atlanta to spend the day working on a film set. Even though it was not a big Hollywood production, the Arthritis Foundation takes its commitment seriously to provide the very best information to people with arthritis. They enlisted the help of the Thurston Arthritis Research Center for an exercise video as part of the Walk with Ease (WWE) Program. Thurston has had a long standing collaboration with the Arthritis Foundation and provided much of the work to establish WWE as an evidence-based program. Dr. Golightly had the opportunity to review the script prior to filming, and was present on the set to provide advice on correct exercise technique and use of the program. "It was interesting, and the crew was open to suggestions. I was even asked about the wardrobe for the participants in the video to make sure that their movements would be clear in the final product," says Dr. Golightly. The final videos will complement the online tools already part of the Arthritis Foundation's webpages on Walk With Ease.


Dr. Golightly, right


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