Nortin M. Hadler, MD, MACP, MACR, FACOEM

  • AB, Yale University, 1964
  • MD, Harvard Medical School, 1968
Research Interests
  • Health policy regarding disability schemes for musculoskeletal disorders
  • Effectiveness of interventions for the regional musculoskeletal disorders
  • Analyses of medicalization and the social construction of illness
Research Summary

For 25 years Dr. Hadler has been a student of "the illness of work incapacity". Nearly 200 papers and 10 books bear witness to this interest.

Areas of emphasis include analyses of the approach taken by many nations to the challenges of applying disability and compensation insurance schemes to such predicaments as back pain and arm pain in the workplace.

He has dissected the fashion in which medicine turns disputative and thereby iatrogenic in the process of disability determination, whether for back or arm pain or a more global illness narrative such as is labeled fibromyalgia. Finally, he is widely regarded for his critical assessment of the limitations of certainty regarding medical and surgical management of the regional musculoskeletal disorders.

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