Shaili Shah, MD

Shaili Shah, MD
(2015 graduate)

I grew up in Holmdel, NJ and went on to complete my undergraduate training at New York University where I earned a BA in Psychology and Chemistry.  I attended medical school at New York Medical College which is where I gained my primary exposure to the field of Allergy/Immunology.  I was involved in multiple research projects regarding the epidemiology of angioedema and food allergy in NY state.  I came to Chapel Hill to complete my Internal Medicine residency training, and subsequently stayed at UNC to join the Allergy/Immunology fellowship program.  In my second year, I am working with one of the joint Rheumatology and Allergy/Immunology faculty, Dr. Teresa Tarrant, to further develop research protocols focused on elucidating genetic differences that underlie various immunodeficiencies and their disease manifestations with a goal of using this information to help provide more tailored and individualized care to these patients in the future.

My long term goals involve continuing my career in Allergy/Immunology as an academic clinical educator, where I am eager to continue to care for a diverse group of patients, as well as to remain involved in medical education by developing curricula to train medical students, residents, and future Allergists/Immunologists in our field.  

I initially chose a career in Internal Medicine, due to my passion for caring for patients, and also my interest in the complex pathology underlying medical disorders.  I then chose to pursue further training in A/I, as I was intrigued by the evolving specialty and the tremendous amounts of new research and explosion of knowledge which has accompanied the field in the past years.  In addition, I enjoyed caring for patients with various allergic and immunologic disorders, and having the opportunity to care for both children and adults in this unique field.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy spending time with my husband and taking trips back home to New York and New Jersey to visit family.  My husband and I enjoy traveling, and have had the opportunity to travel to many interesting countries over the past few years.  We are now busy preparing for our first child on the way later this year!