Johnston County Osteoarthritis Project Expansion  Cohort enrichment will allow us to expand the reach of this 20+year study and enroll new individuals to maintain the vitality and scientific integrity of the cohort.   Replacing people who are unable to continue in the project is absolutely critical to our continued success.  Our near-term goal is to enroll 2,000 to 4,000 new participants over the next 2-3 years.  As arthritis becomes more common and affects younger people as a result of the obesity epidemic and sports injuries, a longer-term goal is to enroll younger adults and other new groups.


Endowed Research Fund Seed funding allows our researchers to launch new projects, can bridge funding between grants, or support existing projects. A named, endowed fund could directly support specific innovative ideas and the faculty members who are generating them.


Food Allergy Research Initiative A new food allergy to red meat has recently been discovered in the Southeast United States.  Our allergists and immunologists are experts in this newly recognized, mysterious condition.   Contributions can help us to jump-start an investigational research program to help understand how many people in North Carolina are affected, what tests are most accurate to help diagnose the disease, and determine what best treatments might be used to combat this.   In order for our investigators to secure competitive NIH funding, philanthropic research dollars can support these initial efforts.  This research has the potential to serve the public health interests of the state of North Carolina and establish our research center as the premiere institution in this new field.


Young Faculty Research Training Support Gifts would help fund one young faculty researcher during the early and most vulnerable periods of a new researcher’s career.  This type of support can help ensure that we can competitively attract and retain the best and the brightest minds to Rheumatology or Allergy and Immunology.


Post-Doctoral Student Research Fellowship  Funding allows our center to recruit and train one highly sought-after post-doctoral student in basic, translational, or clinical research.  Not only does this aid in the further research training of a bright new researcher, but these students are the engines that help keep laboratories of senior investigators driving forward and constantly innovating.


Research Funding  Gifts to this fund assist our general research initiatives or can support a particular area of interest.  See Research Initiatives at Thurston.


Innovative Research Seed Fund  Gifts support pilot studies in new and emerging research areas to enable the development of competitive applications for NIH or other funding.   This is particularly valuable for new investigators as they work to establish their research careers.


Undergraduate Research Internship Gifts support a two-semester educational program for one rising Junior or Senior undergraduate who is preparing for medical school admission and is interested in medical research in Rheumatology or in Allergy and Immunology.


Visiting Lectureship A critical part of an innovative research center is the free exchange of ideas and research techniques and results with colleagues near and far.  Inviting expert researchers from other institutions to visit our center and share their expertise and research findings with us in formal seminars helps to achieve this goal.  They also allow others to learn of the cutting-edge research that we are conducting here in our center with small group and one-on-one meetings with faculty, fellows, post-doctoral students, and graduate students, and frequently lead to new clinical and research collaborations.