Patient Care

Clinic Registry Vital to our ability to generate breakthroughs in specific diseases in Rheumatology and Allergy and Immunology is the ability to track our patients’ clinical progress and follow their responses to various treatments.  Formal linkage of such information to genetics and biomarkers lead to new insight into causes of disease and critical discoveries.  Establishment of a clinical registry and a bank of biological specimens would allow this type of systematic data collection and analysis of clinical information for current and future research and treatment.

Clinical Trial Expansion Clinical trials of new therapies for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, food allergies, and other diseases help us to bring cutting-edge treatments to our patients.  Contributions can help us to improve our capacity to increase the number of such trials we are able to conduct at any given time and to enhance the experience of our patients who participate in these critically important studies.

Patient Education Gifts to this purpose help us to develop the highest quality, customized materials for patient education about specific diseases and available treatments.  A well-informed patient is better able to participate in his or her own medical care and to make critical decisions with the physician about risks and benefits of various possible treatment plans.

Quality Improvement Projects These projects allow our Rheumatology and Allergy and Immunology fellows to lead small quality improvement initiatives in the clinic to build their leadership skills and support efforts to improve the overall clinical environment and patient care by increasing clinic efficiency and supporting use of best practices.