Fellows Library upgrades

Expressions of thanks from two of our fellows, Dr. Hippe and Dr. Dore, for the Fellows Library upgrades made possible through philanthropy!

hippe fixed.jpgI am extremely grateful for the fellow's room upgrades provided to us by generous donations.  The upgrades have given us more personal space to complete our work and new technology which allows us to openly and freely communicate with patients and other providers.  As a member of a clinical team that always strives to deliver the best patient care possible, I truly appreciate this more comfortable and productive atmosphere that was generously provided to us.  When we aren't in the clinic seeing patients, we are in the office catching up on patient labs, calling patients back with answers to their questions, or calling other providers to discuss mutual patients.  We now have a great space to do these important things.  Thank you!

Karen R. Hippe, MD
Rheumatology Fellow

adam.jpgI would like to thank all those who helped fund the refurbishing of the Rheumatology and Allergy/Immunology fellow's room. The updates are extremely helpful not only in providing us a dedicated space that is more conducive for learning but also allows us to provide more efficient and effective care for our patients outside of the clinic. We now have more privacy and phones to communicate with our patients and are supplied with the basic technology we need to practice great medicine outside of the clinical setting. These will in-turn benefit the patients we are taking care of and align with the high quality of standards that are upheld in the division of Rheumatology and Allergy/Immunology and the Thurston Arthritis Research Center.  Thank you!

Adam Dore, DO
Rheumatology Fellow