Thurston Visitor - Hilde Haukeland, MD

Hilde Haukeland, MD visited our center for two weeks this October. "I was very fortunate to be accepted for an observership in the Division of Rheumatology at UNC for two weeks this October."

Hilde HaukelandI am a Norwegian Rheumatologist and I work in a hospital near our capital Oslo, where we provide public healthcare services to the approximately 570,000 people in our district. Norway is a small country with a population of a little above 5 million.  The healthcare system in Norway ensures basically free basic medical services to all citizens. It is supported by the Government through the tax income scheme.

I immediately felt very welcomed at UNC! I have to say I was impressed with how all of the staff in every way was interested in showing me around and making an effort to make my two weeks educational in so many ways. I learned a lot from your patient care approach and at the same time I learned that treatment in Norway does not differ too much from treatment in North Carolina. Finally, I learned about more rare diseases and conditions that don't occur very often in our small population in Norway.

I also found it very interesting to see how the UNC Rheumatology Fellowship Program is organized, and I will bring back new ideas to my hospital! Meeting new people and cultures enriches my life. Thank you for a wonderful time at UNC.