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Leading The Way In "Alpha-gal" Meat Allergy Research

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Letter From the Director

Joanne M. Jordan, MD, MPH

Learn how Thurston scientists are helping the medical community better understand diseases such as meat allergy, lupus, and osteoarthritis in new ways, thanks to cutting edge research and important new insights.

Research News

Thurston Arthritis Research Center scientists shed new light on a specific mechanism involved with lupus

This research is the first to clearly identify and illuminate a specific mechanism of action involved in lupus. Funding from the Lupus Research Institute is helping pave the way for additional research, and TARC has begun enrolling patients for a clinical trial designed provide additional insights into this disease.

TARC Gains Additional International Prestige at European Health Symposium

Leading researcher provides valuable insights into causes and impact of physical inactivity.

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Osteoarthritis Action Alliance: Raising Osteoarthritis as a National Health Priority, and Providing Resources for Patients

Under TARC’s leadership, the Alliance has doubled its membership and initiated a number of innovative programs and resources for patients and clinicians.

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