The BMG Labtechnologies FLUOstar is a fluorescence microplate reader that can perform fluorescence intensity and time-resolved fluorescence.
It is designed for the widest possible range of non-radioactive labelled applications:
• Ca2+ measurements
• Enzyme activity
• Cell toxicity, proliferation and viabiliy

Temperature-regulated heating plates above and below the entire plate movement area provide uniform incubation from ambient temperature up to 45°C.
Kinetic applications can be defined, with interval times from 20 ms to several hours.
The fast filter wheels and the ability to define up to 8 sets of filters, each with individual gaintiming parameters, allow analysis of multiple fluorophores in a single well (FRET, dual-emission, DNA-detection).


Initial training for use of this instrument is required.  Contact Susan Jones at 966-4294 or pcarinii@med.unc.edu.

Upon completion of training, experienced users may schedule their own instrument time appointments using the UNC Outlook Calendar system.  Unfortunately, at this time the Calendar is available only to those members of the UNC community who have migrated to the outlook system.  Check back for updates on the use of the scheduling system.

Filters available are:

Excitation Emission
250 460
355 495
485 538
510 584
544 612
645 675