William Coleman

Molecular pathogenesis of liver and breast cancer, and liver progenitor cell biology

Institution:  University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Website:  http://www.med.unc.edu/pathology/faculty/biosketch-of-dr-william-coleman

Email:  william.coleman@pathology.unc.edu

Voice:  (919) 966-2699


The research in our laboratory involves several major projects related to the molecular pathogenesis of human cancer and investigations related to the biology of liver stem-like progenitor cells, including (i) characterization of human liver tumor suppressor genes, (ii) analysis of genetic determinants of breast cancer, (iii) investigation of mechanisms governing aberrant DNA methylation in breast cancer, (iv) liver progenitor cell responses after toxic liver injury, and (v) transplantation of liver stem-like progenitor cells for correction of genetic liver disease.

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