Ram Ramabhadran

Neurotoxicological effects of environmental pollutants, cellular stress pathways

Institution:  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Email:  ramabhadran.ram@epa.gov

Voice:  (919) 541-3558


1) Using cellular stress signaling pathways to develop in vitro assays in human cells to rapidly ascertain the toxic potential of a wide range of environmental compounds including nanoparticles used in commerce. This research draws extensively on signaling pathways in cells and on high throughput methods including robotics and developing methods for data analysis. 2) Design molecular studies to ascertain the mode of action of environmental compounds of potential concern. This research employs the use of gene over expression and suppression (RNAi) in established and primary cell cultures. 3) Development of alternate species assays for in vivo rapid screening of environmental compounds using normal and transgenic zebrafish.