New Curriculum in Toxicology Students to Give Talks May 20th

End-of-the-year Talks - BBSP Students Joining the Curriculum in Toxicology

Monday, May 20th, 2013 at 4 pm

1131 Bioinformatics Bldg Conference Room


4:00: Alisa A. Suen (joining the laboratory of Carmen Williams - NIEHS)

Mammary Gland Development Following BPA Treatment

(Fenton Laboratory Rotation)

4:15:      Emma C. Bowers (joining the laboratory of David Diaz Sanchez – US EPA):

Genetic Predisposition to Hyperoxic Lung Damage in Mice

(Kleeberger Laboratory Rotation)


4:30:      Leah M. Norona (joining the laboratory of Edward LeCluyse – Hamner Institutes):

Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics of Primary Rat Hepatocyte Zonal Populations

(Macdonald Laboratory Rotation)


4:45:      Andres Henriquez Coria (joining the laboratory of Urmila Kodavanti – US EPA)

Differential Pulmonary and Hepatic Expression of Acute Phase Response Associated Genes after Ozone Exposure

(Kodavanti Laboratory Rotation)


5:00:      Michael W. Henderson (joining the laboratory of Michael Fessler – NIEHS)

Lrch4 in Toll-like Signaling

(Fessler Laboratory Rotation)