What is Toxicology?

Toxicology integrates chemistry, biochemistry, biology, medical and environmental sciences to understand and prevent the adverse effects of chemical, physical, or biological agents on life and the environment.


What do Toxicologists do?

Toxicologists work as part of an extended workforce to advance knowledge of existing and potential health threats and develop appropriate regulations in a wide variety of public and private enterprises. The Professional Science Master’s in Toxicology prepares graduates for a variety of toxicology jobs, including:

How will the MPS prepare me for a professional career?

Earning a Master of Professional Science (MPS) in Toxicology will:

•             Expand your Toxicology knowledge

•             Develop business skills to thrive in a rapidly changing work environment

•             Gain practical experience with a rigorous industrial, government or non-profit internship

What is a Master of Professional Science (MPS) degree?

The MPS is an innovative graduate degree earned from a Professional Science Master’s program at UNC-Chapel Hill.  It is designed to allow students to pursue advanced training and excel in science without a Ph.D., while simultaneously developing highly-valued business skills without an MBA. This program does not involve research nor a thesis, instead focusing on practical professional skills to prepare students for science careers in business, government, or nonprofit organizations where workforce needs are increasing. Programs combine rigorous study in science or mathematics with skills-based coursework in management, policy, or law. A “real-world” internship in a business or public sector enterprise is required.  Toxicology Professional Science Master’s program does not involve research nor a thesis.

How will a MPS in Toxicology support my career goals?

Many companies are looking for employees who have a breadth of knowledge in toxicology and the personal and professional skills to thrive in a rapidly changing work environment. A MPS in Toxicology will prepare you for a professional toxicology career within agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as public and private environmental health, regulatory and consulting organizations.

How will this MPS in Toxicology program prepare me for my career?

To earn a MPS in Toxicology degree, students will complete:

  • Science coursework of the same rigor as PhD students
  • Business fundamentals coursework, for example:
    • Effective professional communication and presentation
    • Organizational structure and mission
    • Teamwork and leadership
    • Project management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Ethics
    • A formal, rigorous Toxicology internship at a non-academic organization
    • An original capstone project demonstrating the ability to synthesize and communicate a complex topic


What types of jobs could I get with a MPS in Toxicology degree?


More information on the Master of Professional Science degree in Toxicology can be found by contacting Dr. Dan Kemp at dkemp@email.unc.edu .