Mechanisms/Susceptibility to Environmental Disease

Michael Fessler
Mechanisms of induction and regulation of the innate immune response, with a focus on Toll like Receptors (TLRs).
Aimen Farraj
Mechanisms of health effects of environmental pollution on cardiopulmonary function, animal models of cardiovascular diseases, targeted and high throughput technology
Daniel Costa
Mechanisms of air pollutant-induced adverse cardiopulmonay and neurophysiological health effects
Robert Devlin
Pulmonary toxicology and molecular biology
David Diaz-Sanchez
Environmental impacts on human health, genetic susceptibility, immunology, epigenetics, translational research
Kevin Dreher
Development of alternative testing methods predictive of in vivo cardiovascular toxicity of chemicals and engineered nanomaterials.
Ian Gilmour
The interaction between air pollutant exposure and the development of infectious and allergic lung disease
Mehdi Hazari
Neurophysiological mechanisms mediating cardiopulmonary dysfunction due to air pollution exposure.
Michelle Hernandez
Testing therapeutic interventions against pollutant-induced inflammation.
Ilona Jaspers
Mechanisms by which air pollutants enhance susceptibility to and the severity of respiratory virus infections
Steven Kleeberger
Genetic determinants of environmental lung diseases
Urmila Kodavanti
Cardiovascular disease and susceptibility, air pollutants, cardiopulmonary interactions, molecular mechanisms, genetic and environmental factors
Michael Madden
Mechanisms of ambient air pollutant-induced cardiopulmonary morbidity and mortality
Leena Nylander-French
Pharmacogenetics of detoxification pathways in skin and inhalation exposures to toxicants; mathematical and statistical exposure modeling for risk assessment
David Peden
Translational and clinical research in environmental lung disease
Scott Randell
Airway epithelial cell biology, pulmonary innate immunity and transplant pathophysiology
Rob Maile
James Samet
Cell and molecular mechanisms of inflammatory responses induced by inhalation of ambient air pollutants
Samir Kelada
Gene-environment Interactions in Airway Diseases
Shaun McCullough
Environmental and public health epigenetics, translational research, molecular and mechanistic toxicology, advanced in vitro models