Michael Fessler
Mechanisms of induction and regulation of the innate immune response, with a focus on Toll like Receptors (TLRs).
David Diaz-Sanchez
Environmental impacts on human health, genetic susceptibility, immunology, epigenetics, translational research
Ian Gilmour
The interaction between air pollutant exposure and the development of infectious and allergic lung disease
Michelle Hernandez
Testing therapeutic interventions against pollutant-induced inflammation.
Ilona Jaspers
Mechanisms by which air pollutants enhance susceptibility to and the severity of respiratory virus infections
Robert Luebke
Understanding the underlying mechanisms responsible for modulation of normal immune function by environmental agents and the development of alternative testing methods for screening/testing immunotoxicants.
David Peden
Translational and clinical research in environmental lung disease
Scott Randell
Airway epithelial cell biology, pulmonary innate immunity and transplant pathophysiology
Rob Maile