Mechanistic Toxicology

Kim Brouwer
Hepatobiliary xenobiotic disposition, hepatotoxicity and pharmacokinetics
Paul Watkins
Mechanistic toxicology, hepatic toxicology, research translation, biomarkers
David DeMarini
Sidney Hunter
Mechanisms of toxocant-induced craniofacial birth defects
William Kaufmann
Computational modeling of DNA repair and checkpoint pathways; systems of protection of genetic stability
Ken Pearce
Steven Kleeberger
Genetic determinants of environmental lung diseases
Jeffrey Macdonald
Metabolomics, tissue engineering and systems biology
Michael Madden
Mechanisms of ambient air pollutant-induced cardiopulmonary morbidity and mortality
Nobuyo Maeda
Genetics and molecular pathology of obesity, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, insulin resistance, and hypertension
Mohanish Deshmukh
Regulation of programmed cell death in postmitotic, senescent, neoplastic and stem cells.
Ram Ramabhadran
Neurotoxicological effects of environmental pollutants, cellular stress pathways
James Samet
Cell and molecular mechanisms of inflammatory responses induced by inhalation of ambient air pollutants
Samir Kelada
Gene-environment Interactions in Airway Diseases
Shaun McCullough
Environmental and public health epigenetics, translational research, molecular and mechanistic toxicology, advanced in vitro models
Miroslav Styblo
Metabolic interactions of essential microelements, especially trace metals, with toxic metals and metalloids that contaminate food and drinking water
James Swenberg
Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair; molecular epidemiology; development of ultra-sensitive and specific methods for measuring chemical adducts in DNA and hemoglobin
Elizabeth Wilson
Mechanisms of androgen receptor (AR) regulation of gene transcription and cell proliferation in the human male and female reproductive tracts