Molecular Carcinogenesis

Trevor Archer
Molecular carcinogenesis: cancer, chromatin, transcription, and epigenetics
Antonio Baines
Validate novel molecular targets (ex. oncogenic PIM kinases) for potential therapeutic intervention in pancreatic cancer and other cancers as well as test novel PIM kinase inhibitors in combination with chemotherapy.
Aziz Sancar
Biochemical mechanisms of nucleotide excision repair, DNA damage cell cycle checkpoints, and circadian rhythm
David DeMarini
Channing Der
The role of the ras oncogne, ras-mediated signalling and ras-related small GTPases in cancer and development of anti-ras inhibitors
Neil Hayes
Lung carcinogenesis, research translation, biomarkers, computational toxicology
William Kaufmann
Computational modeling of DNA repair and checkpoint pathways; systems of protection of genetic stability
Dale Ramsden
Mechanisms of chromosome strand break repair
Norman Sharpless
Mechanisms of stem cell senescence; genetics of the INK4/ARF tumor suppressor locus in melanoma; melanoma therapeutics
James Swenberg
Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair; molecular epidemiology; development of ultra-sensitive and specific methods for measuring chemical adducts in DNA and hemoglobin
Nancy Thomas
Molecular carcinogenesis, environmental toxicology, molecular epidemiology of melanomas, research translation, biomarkers
Cyrus Vaziri
Control mechanisms of DNA replication during normal passage through an unperturbed cell cycle and in response to DNA-damaging agents
Bernard Weissman
Chromatin remodeling and epigenetic alterations in human cancers