Xenobiotic Metabolism and Hepatic Toxicology

Kim Brouwer
Hepatobiliary xenobiotic disposition, hepatotoxicity and pharmacokinetics
Paul Watkins
Mechanistic toxicology, hepatic toxicology, research translation, biomarkers
Ken Pearce
Ed LeCluyse
The use of in vitro cell-based hepatic culture models to investigate mechanisms of compound-induced hepatotoxicity.
Jeffrey Macdonald
Metabolomics, tissue engineering and systems biology
Leslie Morrow
Neurotoxicology and excitotoxicity of alcohol
Leena Nylander-French
Pharmacogenetics of detoxification pathways in skin and inhalation exposures to toxicants; mathematical and statistical exposure modeling for risk assessment
Miroslav Styblo
Metabolic interactions of essential microelements, especially trace metals, with toxic metals and metalloids that contaminate food and drinking water
James Swenberg
Mechanisms of DNA damage and repair; molecular epidemiology; development of ultra-sensitive and specific methods for measuring chemical adducts in DNA and hemoglobin
Alexander Tropsha
Biomolecular informatics; molecular structure-function modeling using statistical and machine learning approaches