Teaching Members - All Disciplines

Linda Birnbaum
Pharmacokinetic behavior of environmental chemicals, mechanisms of action of toxicants including endocrine disruptors, and linking of real-world exposures to health effects
Thomas Bouldin
Cellular response to toxic injury in the central and peripheral nervous systems; neuropathology; ocular pathology; and pathology of peripheral neuropathies
William Coleman
Molecular pathogenesis of liver and breast cancer, and liver progenitor cell biology
Gregory Travlos
Stephanie Padilla
David Kaufman
Gary Klinefelter
Marila Cordeiro-Stone
DNA replication, DNA repair, and cell cycle checkpoints in human cells; mechanisms of carcinogenesis by solar radiation; pathogenesis of melanoma
Daniel Kemp
David Dorman
Michael DeVito
Pharmacokinetics and mechanisms of chemical-mediated toxicity and carcinogenicity
Robert Devlin
Pulmonary toxicology and molecular biology
Avram Gold
Chemistry of protein and DNA adducts
Ram Ramabhadran
Neurotoxicological effects of environmental pollutants, cellular stress pathways
Stephen Ferguson