Poster Presentations

Sca-1 positive pancreatic progenitor cells as a cell transplant therapy for treatment of diabetes

  • Sca-1 positive pancreatic progenitor cells are precursors to pancreatic beta cells and maintain insulin producing ability and pancreatic phenotype in extended culture, thus making them ideal for cell transplant therapies to treat diabetes.

Techniques in Microfluidics: Creation of Microspheres for Cellular Encapsulation

  • Microfluidic molds can be used to create uniform microspheres from biologically inert substances
  • Cells will proliferate within this three-dimensional culture system

Novel Small Molecule Inducers to Promote Pancreatic Beta Cell Regeneration

  • Identify small molecules capable of promoting PDX-1 and NGN3 expression by high-throughput screening of small molecule libraries.
  • Confirm small molecule hits via biological activities, chemical identity and purity verification, and carrying out initial structure activity relationships (SAR) study.

A 3-Dimensional culture system for the cultivation and proliferation of Sca-1 positive pancreatic progenitor cells

  • We hypothesize that our rotating wall vessel bioreactor will improve pancreatic progenitor cell propagation thereby expanding a cell source with potential clinical applications.