What is the TSG?

The TSG is a group of departmental technical support representatives. These support people are directly in contact with the users of their departments and are responsible in varying degrees, for keeping their systems operating and for relaying technical information relative to computer support to their users. They are the liaisons between the users themselves and the Office of Information Systems which supports the entire School of Medicine and all its departments. One of the original charges of the Office of Information Systems was to create educational and informational materials to disseminate among the users it is responsible for and the TSG was created to address this need. The development of the TSG has solidified over the years from being simply an electronic alias with electronic communications to formal face-to-face monthly meetings where there are lively discussions of ongoing problems and solutions, announcements, and feedback.


TSG meets the first Tuesday of every month.  Minutes from the meetings are posted on this website and available via Onyen login.

The monthly agenda items and important news and announcements are sent out to the TSG listserv.  Click here to subscribe to the listserv.