From Raleigh and all points east, take I-40 West, heading towards Greensboro. From Greensboro and points west, take I-40 East. Choose exit 270 (approximately 20 minutes drive from Raleigh). On the exit ramp, make a left turn at the light (right if coming from direction of Greensboro). You will be on 15-501, heading into the town of Chapel Hill. Go through 11 lights. You will pass by, in this order, a sign saying “Welcome to Chapel Hill” (right), Blue Cross/Blue Shield Bldg. (left), an assortment of fast food places and gas stations, 3 shopping centers, and signs saying “Hospital, Shock Trauma Center”. At the last light, you should be at an intersection of 15-501 and Manning Drive. Make a right onto Manning. Go up Manning. At the 4th light, make a left into the Health Affairs Parking Deck (Dogwood). You will see signs saying “Visitor Parking”. Park in the deck.

There are three pedestrian walkways that exit the parking decks and cross over Manning Drive. Make your way to the center walkway and take it across Manning drive. At the bottom of the walkway, turn left and walk to the foot of the next pedestrian walkway that crosses Manning Drive. As you approach the foot of the last pedestrian walkway, you will be facing the Dental School and a building called Burnett-Womack will be to the right, after you walk past the main hospital (also on the right). Continue walking past the last pedestrian walkway and look for the street/alley that is between the Dental School and Burnett-Womack. Walk up that street. After the street makes a right turn, will see a covered walkway that crosses over the street. Under the walkway will be a set of concrete stairs on the left side of the street. Go up the flight of stairs to a glass door. This is an entrance to MacNider Building. Go through the glass door and make a right. Go through the double doors and make an immediate left. You will be in the OIS corridor. At the back of the corridor is a wooden door, #76 MacNider, which is our office space.

Should you get disoriented, our phone number is 919-966-9900, and we can come and get you from wherever you are.

Map of OIS Locations

Map Icon [.pdf]

Main Office

MacNider Hall, Room 076

Application Development

Trailer 46

Classroom Services

MacNider Hall, Room 435 / 437

Client Services

MacNider Hall, Room 065 (Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4 pm)
919-962-HELP (24/7 Phone Support)

Instructional Media Services

MacNider Hall, Room 439

Web and Multimedia Development

MacNider Hall, Room 072