Instructional Technology

Service Description

OIS is dedicated to providing services that support the school's commitment to education.  In most cases, these services are provided free-of-charge. Services include the following:

  • Maintain the Multimedia Lab for faculty and staff use. Multimedia Lab services include

    • Training workshops in multimedia development

    • Equipment loans including LCD projectors, digital camcorders, tripods

  • General support for multimedia projects (PowerPoint presentations, scanning, image editing, etc.)

  • Create medical illustrations for curricular use

  • Create multimedia curricular projects integrating both web and video

  • Consult and advise faculty on curricular projects and emerging technologies

Note: These services used to be offered by OIS' Educational Technology Group (ETG).  Although the level of services and support hasn't changed, we have decided to discontinue the ETG name for overall office consistency.

Provided by the following teams

Recent Instructional Technology Projects

  • Medical Solitaire
    Dr. John Woosley commissioned this creative, Flash-based study tool, which puts a fun spin on content review.  This demonstration module features “Cysts and Tumors of the Liver".
  • Anatomy of a Nephron
    Working with Dr. Gerry Hladik and Dr. Patrick Gipson, we created this web site (along with all graphics) to introduce second year medical students to various components that make up a nephron.
  • Anatomy Book
    Dr. Kurt Gilliland and Dr. Ed Kernick worked with OIS designers to create an online textbook catered specifically to their Structure and Development curriculum.

Associated Fees

Most instructional technology services are provided free-of-charge to the school's faculty and staff.  If you have a project that requires extensive time/development, we may request that you apply for a grant to help recoop associated costs.

Request Support/Services

  • Multimedia Support

    For general help with multimedia projects, please visit our Multimedia Lab.
  • Instructional Technology Projects

    If you are interested in an instructional technology project or just want to discuss a few ideas, contact the OIS Web Team.