Video Conferencing

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The Classroom Support group offers solutions for long distance communication. With several rooms equipped with Video Conferencing equipment, and most rooms able to connect to remote locations using Skype for Business, you can take advantage of the ability to share your lectures and meetings with remote participants or have your group actively participate in meetings being held at other locations.


Video Conferencing

Rooms with video conferencing have either a Polycom or Cisco conference system. These systems broadcast and receive audio and video as well as share content from the room's PC or any other device connected to it. In addition to the individual units which can connect point to point, a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) can be used if you have multiple sites that would like to join your conference.

Skype for Business (formerly Lync)

Skype for Business is web-based conferencing software. Its is available in all classrooms, but those without web conferencing integration require special request to have a microphone installed. Rooms that have web conferencing integration feature cameras and microphones that are all routed to the room's PC in a way that emulates a web camera. You have the ability to share your desktop and perform other functions using the Skype for Business software. For more information about how we use Skype for Business, you can visit our support page.


A secure connection is required for conferences containing confidential information such as protected health information (PHI). All conference units operated by OIS are configured to use a secure encrypted connection when possible (dependent on remote site). If you require a secure connection, testing must be done to ensure the remote site will be able to receive the secure connection in advance. Please indicate this need when you request videoconferencing services.


Video Conferencing

Web Conferencing Integration

While other locations are not setup specifically for Video Conferencing or have Web Conferencing Integration, Skype for Business can be used in any room. If resources are available, a conference microphone can be setup at the podium or lectern in your room to capture the audio of your speaker. In smaller rooms, this microphone may even be able to pick up people within a fair range of the microphone (10-12 feet). A web camera may also be setup in this case, but is not recommended as it will need to be setup at the podium/lectern, which would require the speaker to remain stationary to be viewed.

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  • Most services are provided at no cost for School of Medicine faculty and staff as well as groups reserving our rooms. Non-standard requests may be charged at the OIS End User Support rate of $80/hour per staff member. Support outside of normal business hours (M-F, 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM) is charged at the overtime rate of $120/hour per staff member.

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