Urology Residency Training Program

Eric M. Wallen, MD, FACS
Eric M. Wallen, MD, FACS
The UNC urology residency program is a superior place to train to be a urologist. Resident education is a high priority and we strive to provide the right balance of supervision and autonomy so that our graduated residents are able to make an immediate impact at a new job in private practice, or, alternatively, to match in the most desirable fellowship programs. Since 2008, our MD faculty has grown to sixteen providers, including a fellowship-trained infertility specialist. The faculty expansion improves resident exposure to urologic subspecialties including microsurgery, medical and surgical management of urolithiasis, percutaneous renal access, outcomes research, urethral reconstruction, and management of pediatric and adult spina bifida. Overall, the expansion has injected even more energy into a program that was already successful in its academic output and its collaborative learning culture.

With the expansion of our department, we are also initiating a mentoring program for our residents, who will have a one-on-one longitudinal relationship with a faculty member for the duration of the residency.  Supportive aspects of this program include career decisions, navigation of the challenges of residency, facilitating research relationships with other faculty members, and more.

Beyond the training, education, and mentoring support our residents receive directly from the program, our department also supports the attendance of residents at several conferences and trainings, at both regional and national gatherings. Some of the conferences and trainings attended by our residents include:


  • American Urological Association Annual Meeting
  • Southeastern Section of the AUA Annual Meeting
  • Southeastern Section of the AUA Robotics Course
  • American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress
  • Society of Urologic Oncology Annual Meeting
  • National Urology Resident Preceptorship in Adult and Pediatric Reconstructive and Prosthetic Urologic Surgery
  • Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital Reconstruction Preceptorship Program
  • AUA Basic Sciences Course (PGY3)
  • AUA Annual Review Course (PGY5)


Ashley Myles, Education Programs Coordinator
In addition to the superior clinical training our residents receive, the camaraderie among residents and between residents and faculty make UNC a unique program. The Chapel Hill area is an outstanding place to live, with abundant cultural and outdoor pursuits. It is also an excellent place for families to live and is affordable. Most UNC residents own their homes and live within a short commute to the hospital.  Our residents have been extraordinarily successful in obtaining fellowship training if they choose to pursue additional training. Since 2010, our residents have been selected for some of the most competitive fellowships in the field, which include facilities such as UCLA, the NIH, MD Anderson, and Baylor. These fellowships are in subspecialty areas such as infertility, reconstruction, and oncology.   

Where are our alumni now?

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