Matthew Coward, MD, Receives Funding For Oncofertility Project

R. Matthew Coward, MDUNC Urology Assistant Professor R. Matthew Coward, MD, received funding from the NC Cancer Hospital Endowment Fund for his project titled, "Development of an oncofertility program directed at adolescent males with a new diagnosis of cancer at UNC Cancer Hospital." In his project proposal, Dr. Coward noted that though fertility preservation for all male cancer patients is recommended to be offered by numerous societies, there is a significant underutilization of these services by adolescent males, despite easily being able to preserve fertility if referred.  Therefore, the goal of Dr. Coward's project is to develop an oncofertility program for adolescents at UNC to provide information for both patients and pediatric oncologists to increase awareness of the feasibility of fertility preservation and to increase referrals for this important offering for cancer patients.