David Johnson MD, MPH, Discusses Recent Publication on Preoperatively Misclassified, Surgically Removed Benign Renal Masses

David C. Johnson, MD, MPH, was recently interviewed by MedicalResearch.com about his study examining preoperatively misclassified, surgically removed benign renal masses. In the interview, Dr. Johnson, a PGY4 resident in the UNC Urology residency program, stated that the purpose and take away from the study is "to examine a previously unquantified dimension of over treatment and encourage discussion on the existing paradigm of surgical removal of renal masses without tissue diagnosis. Despite improvements in the diagnostic ability of renal mass biopsy and increased comfort with ablative techniques and active surveillance particularly in elderly and/or poor surgical candidates, our study demonstrates that there is still a staggering increase in surgical treatment for the smallest of renal masses – of which a large proportion are benign."

To read more of Dr. Johnson's interview with MedicalResearch.com, click here.

For more information on Dr. Johnson's publication titled "Preoperatively Misclassified, Surgically Removed Benign Renal Masses: A Systematic Review of Surgical Series and United States Population-Level Burden Estimate" visit the Journal of Urology website here