Beatrice Abercrumbie

Beatrice Abercrumbie of Raleigh was first treated in January 2001 for a urinary tract infection. Over the next six months, further symptoms necessitated a CT that showed a shadow on her bladder. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of bladder cancer. “I couldn’t believe it,” she remembers. “I was in denial and felt that I had been given a death sentence. I saw my own funeral.” She came to UNC to see Dr. Raj Pruthi for a second opinion. “He explained everything to me. He even drew pictures so that I could understand the treatment he was proposing.” Abercrumbie underwent surgery, removing her bladder, and replacing it with a neobladder. She required no further treatment for her cancer. She advises patients to be their own advocates and that they bring someone with them to appointments to take notes and ask questions. “It’s good to have someone else there. Patients can’t always take it all in, so having someone with you means that you can review what was said at a later time when you can better absorb the information.” “I give all credit to the Lord Jesus,” she explains,“He used Dr. Pruthi to heal me.” Abercrumbie was especially appreciative that “Dr. Pruthi walked through it with me. My care at UNC was enveloping and supportive.”

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