• 454 GS Junior : ~500 bp read-length Next-Gen Sequencer
  • PGM Ion Torrent : ~300 bp read-length Next-Gen Sequencer


  • Tecan Evo 50: Robot with 96 well; pipetting head for post-PCR clean-up
  • Tecan Evo 150: Robot with integrated 384 well Roche LC480 real-time PCR reactions
  • CAS-1200 (Corbett Res.): Robot pipetting robot which pipettes 96/384 well PCR reactions with 0.1 microL accuracy

Supporting Equipment:

  • Centrifuge for 96 and 284 well plate centrifugation
  • PIPPIN Prep automated gel fragments sizing and elution station
  • Agilent Bionanalyzer 2100
  • Caliper GX 384 well analyzer
  • Tecan M200 fluorometer with NanoDrop capability
  • Qubit 3.0 DNA analyzer (Life Technologies)
  • Digital PCR machine (ABI/Life Technologies)

Servers and Computers:

  • Penguin Computing Tempest 4400 computing server
  • Department-provided FTP server for data delivery
  • Multiple Apple Mac Pro workstations, including bioinformatics software, for analysis

Example usage

This video published by the Journal of Visualized Experiments shows how samples may be set up and aliquoted by the Tecan Freedom Evo®, as well as quantified by the Roche Lightcycler® 480 II.

Chugh P, Tamburro K, Dittmer DP (2010). Profiling of Pre-micro RNAs and microRNAs using Quantitative Real-time PCR (qPCR) Arrays. J Vis Exp. 46., doi: 10.3791/2210