454 GS Junior Next Generation Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing services are available by the Vironomics Core for the Roche GS Junior. Please see fee descriptions page for details.




The 454 GS Junior Sequencer brings the power of next generation sequencing technology directly to the research laboratory bench top. The same proven long-read sequencing, 400bp+, performance as the Genome Sequencer FLX System, scaled to suit the needs of individual labs. Quickly proceed from DNA to data to discovery with a simple sample preparation workflow, overnight sequencing and data processing, and a dedicated suite of data analysis software.

It has a 99% single read accuracy up to 4 homopolymers.  After 4 it starts to drop off; however, the consensus accuracy is maintained at 99% for 12 plus homopolymers.

GS Junior overview

("JS Junior: Instrument and Workflow." 454 Sequencing. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Nov 2011. <http://www.gsjunior.com/instrument-workflow.php)

Currently offered by the Vironomics Core

  • Quality check of initial sample by Picogreen
  • Set-up of Rapid Library, emPCR, and PicoTiterPlate
  • Shotgun sequencing OR Amplicon sequencing
  •  QC and Maintenance of the GS Junior
  • Provide data in .fna (sequence of contigs, FASTA format), .qual (corresponding Phred equivalent quality score), .sff (stored flowgram data)
  • 2 years of data back-up
  • We also offer more in depth analysis by our bioinformaticians; however, this needs to be arranged with Dr. Dirk Dittmer ahead of time.

What you are responsible for…


Please contact the Core manager via email. 


 ● For data analysis questions or suggestions please contact Dongmei Yang at 919-843-5292 or (please CC marcia_sanders@unc.edu)

Contact the Vironomics core for questions, scheduling, and sample submission guidelines. Please see fee descriptions for cost.
Vironomics Core Manager: Marcia Sanders, 919-843-5292, marcia_sanders@unc.edu