qPCR Arrays: SOP of qPCR mRNA Preparation, for submitting samples to the Vironomics Core for qPCR. This protocol covers DNA extraction, mRNA enrichment, and cDNA submission requirements. Please note that this SOP was updated May 2013.
- The 96-192 primer arrays use our Tecan Freedom Evo to plate the PCR reactions. Afterward, the Tecan loads the plate onto the integrated LightCycler 480 instrument and qPCR is performed automatically. For a in-depth look at this process please reference our SOP of Tecan 96 Primer (1 Plate) Array with 4 Master Mixes.

Mouse tail extraction: Mouse tails can be submitted to the Vironomics Core for DNA extraction via the MagNA Pure Compact. We use our Mouse Tail DNA Isolation Using Roche MagNA Pure Compact Kit I protocol. Please submit 2mm tails in a 1.5mL snap cap tube, rates are per Rate 1. Arrangements can be made with the Vironomics Core to further genotype the DNA using your specific primers, please contact Core Manager for pricing.

Mouse tail Genotyping: Mouse tails can be submitted to the Vironomics Core for extraction and PCR genotyping for the following types: 801tg, IL6, and FCGr2b mice. We use the following protocol for this assay Mouse Tail Genotyping. Please contact us for pricing.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC): Protocol for performing IHC Using A Leica Linear Stainer To Deparaffinize And Rehydrate Paraffin Embedded Tissue Slices.

454 Sequencing Protocols: This folder of protocols is only available to trained users. Approved users need to sign-in with their Onyen at top right of the  web-site. If you don't have access, please contact the Core Manager for permission.