Sample Submission

We offer various viral qPCR arrays and Roche 454 GS Junior Next-Generation Sequencing; please see the Assays and Fee pages for details and pricing.

qPCR requests should be submitted to Dr. Dirk Dittmer and/or the Vironomics Core Manager, email is best. Once approved, samples should be prepared following the SOP of qPCR mRNA Preparation.

454 GS Junior Sequencing 

  • Please contact Core Manager for availability.
  • Samples must meet below requirements or they are subject to rejection.
  • NanoDrop is not compatible for assessing sequencing samples. If you do need to use the NanoDrop, please compensate for the overestimation and send 1ug.
  • Amplicons: This technology is sensitive to primer-dimers, please contact Core Manager for Roche protocol of removing small fragments using AMPure beads.

*Please note that the Vironomics Core offers the PicoGreen reagents and fluorometer as part of the sequencing service. We also have an Agilent for assessing base-pair size.

  • 454 Sample submission