Project Overview

The School of Medicine Web System was launched as part of a redesign initiative commissioned by the Dean's Office in October 2005.

The UNC School of Medicine Web Redesign project officially began in October 2005 and the system was put into production in December 2007.  Although the school has had several web designs in the past few decades, this project was different than our traditional design overhaul:

  1. The site exists within a dynamic Content Management System (CMS). 
  2. Sites throughout the School of Medicine are able to share a common identity

This project is a collaborative effort between the Dean’s Office, UNC Health Care’s Public Affairs & Marketing Office and UNC School of Medicine’s Office of Information Systems (OIS).

In April 2013, the first major theme redesign was released to all sites in the SOM Web System.  The focus of this redesign was to create a modern look and feel for the SOM websites and to make a theme that could adjust to various screen sizes and devices.  

Project Goals

  • Create a modern, professional web system that emphasizes the school's vision to be the Nation’s leading public school of medicine.
  • Establish a common identity, standardizing the look and feel of UNC School of Medicine sites.
  • Enable individual organizations to personalize their sites to meet their own identity needs (while maintaining the standard identity).
  • Create an accessible site that is ADA 508 compliant and meets W3C Priority 1 requirements.
  • Give members an easy and cost-efficient tool to manage their web sites.